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For more than 20 years, Brave Writer has empowered homeschooling families with writing proficiency programs, self-teaching guides, and online classes. Their curriculum is thoughtfully designed to teach parents how to be partners to their children and help them grow in mechanics and literature, original thought, and writing projects.

The Challenge

Brave Writer has only continued to grow and evolve over time, and they needed a brand that could evolve with it. Brave Writer partnered with LMG in refreshing their brand to be consistent and connected with their personality while continuing to engage and empower future generations of homeschooling families.

The Goals

Evolve, define, and unify a cohesive brand system.

Increase engagement and sales as a result of rebranding.

Bring clarity and alignment to the brand to ensure products and offerings were easy to understand.

The Plan

LMG partnered with Brave Writer to plan and execute three core initiatives.

Audit Existing Brand

LMG and Brave Writer held multiple discovery meetings to discuss pain points, opportunities, and expectations.

The next step was to review their existing product offerings and define a brand architecture. Through that process, the team gained an understanding of the brand as a whole, identified consistencies and connections, and created scalability within the new design system.

Bravewriter Audit of Existing Brand
Bravewriter Creative Concepts

Create Concepts

While Brave Writer was highly reputable and respected in the industry, they needed a way to differentiate their brand from the competition. LMG evaluated the competition and determined how to elevate the client's existing brand equity. Then, the team explored multiple creative concepts with Brave Writer to discover what would help them stand out within the homeschool community.

Finalize New Brand

The LMG team refined the creative concepts to create the complete brand system.

This included redesigning all brand resources, brand assets including iconography and personas, social media assets and strategy for launch, typography and design layouts, and product templates that made future redesigns simple and repeatable.

Bravewriter brand concepts
Bravewriter brand concept 5
Bravewriter brand concept 2
Bravewriter brand concept 1
Bravewriter brand concept 3
Bravewriter brand concept 4

The Results


increase in sales from the previous year
within the first hour of the new brand launch



increase in email subscriptions



increase in online homeschooling community

  • laura-logo-shape-portrait

    “The Brave Writer program is a lifestyle, and we wanted to make sure that the products supported that not only in how they were used, but how they were designed. We were able to refresh Brave Writer's existing brand, and then bring their solid framework of offerings to life through a new, methodical, yet playful design system to represent their unique sweet spot in the industry.”


    Laura Wagner, Senior Designer

  • cait-logo-shape-portrait

    “LMG has a strong relationship with Brave Writer; we’re an extension of their team. Together, we are committed to collaboration, problem solving, and a LOT of fun!”


    Cait Muncy, Senior Account Executive