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As America's oldest and largest TV design and manufacturing company, PDi knew they needed to evolve their marketing efforts to stay relevant. Exclusively serving healthcare, LMG helped drive results for PDi by highlighting PDi's ability to transform the patient experience and meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers.  

The Challenge

A small manufacturer that wanted to evolve into a marketing and sales organization, PDi partnered with LMG to focus on their prospective customers' needs through inbound marketing.

On-site sales process 

While this method of sales has worked in the past, customer buying behavior has changed. The challenge is changing the sales process to incorporate online lead generation and nurturing.

Trade show and in-person lead gen

The majority of leads came from traditional marketing efforts, such as trade shows. PDi wanted a cheaper, more effective way for leads to find them.

Sold through distribution network

Having a distribution network is helpful in selling products, but it left all control of branding and relationships outside of the organization. 


Pivot based on Covid-19 pandemic

After Covid-19 started impacting the target industries, changes needed to be made to marketing and sales to account for such a drastic shift in budgets and priorities.

The Goals

Conduct a data audit to determine best strategies for growing the business.


Adopt an inbound marketing and sales methodology.

Generate more qualified leads through non-traditional means.  


Increase brand awareness among target audiences.

The Plan

LMG partnered with PDi to plan and execute three core initiatives.

Audit Data and Process

The initial approach was to do a full data audit of PDi's existing channels, including the website, emails, social media, and others. 

The results of the audit showed that a greater focus needed to be on content generation and lead nurturing using HubSpot as the main CRM tool. Additionally, Google and Bing paid search ads were used to greatly increase visibility and generate quality leads.


Adopt Inbound Strategy

LMG used HubSpot to PDi's advantage for several different campaigns, including a pillar page strategy, conversion paths that included landing pages and forms, and lead nurturing email campaigns to better qualify leads and generate sales.


Measure and Grow

Using a growth-driven design approach, LMG's continuous, monthly measurement and meetings helped the team prioritize tasks and focus on what was working. Gradually, conversations shifted from production to strategy. 


The Results


increase in traffic to site



increase in new contacts



new customers



higher value than offline leads

During the pandemic...


211% increase in e-commerce sales


$776K more in new deals than last year


Highest increase in new contacts this year

  • Cat Saettel - Marketing Manager at PDi

    “We are a company in transition, going from being a U.S.-based manufacturer to becoming a marketing and sales organization. Business relationships with partners to help us change and grow are very important to us. LMG is a key strategic partner and helps us expand our image to the healthcare community.”


    Cat Saettel, Marketing Manager at PDi

  • lmg_logo_transparent

    “PDi is a prime example of how a small-to-medium sized business can maximize resources to hit goals. The team works with us in a way that is educational, collaborative, high-energy, and intelligent. Our hard work feels validated as we watch our metrics grow every month.”


    Digital Marketing Manager at LMG