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As one of the world’s largest technology companies and best-known brands, Dell has employees, customers, partners, and stakeholders across the globe. To connect with these diverse audiences, the company participates in thousands of events each year, ranging from small developer meet-ups to the signature Dell World annual event.

  • The Problem

    The Problem

    The team needed to ensure that every event effectively represented the Dell brand and advanced the company’s business goals. At the same time, it was essential to allow personalization based on the specific audience, market, and type of event.

  • Our Strategy

    Our Strategy

    LMG created a single, user-friendly guide to support Dell events worldwide. Based on interviews with stakeholders on four continents, and independent research on trends and best practices, LMG produced an interactive, user-friendly “Global Events Playbook” bringing together Dell rules, recommendations, resources, and success stories.

  • Our results

    Our results

    The playbook was an immediate success. LMG created a video combining digital animation and live action footage to give the playbook a high-profile launch, and adoption and use soared. Today, the playbook is still in use—and regularly updated to include the latest information.

Maintaining this level of activity makes oversight and management a serious challenge. Dell’s Global Events Team began establishing new standards and creating centralized resources, but getting everyone on the same page still proved elusive. That’s where LMG came in.

  • phil

    “We support a number of global brands, and collaborating with people all over the world is uniquely gratifying. It’s remarkable how shared goals, compelling ideas, and a spirit of teamwork can break down barriers of distance, language, and culture—and result in amazing outcomes.”


    — Phil Neal, Vice President, Client Services

  • megan

    “This was my first project working with a large global company. It was gratifying to contribute to such a large-scale project, to know people around the world would be using a playbook I helped create.”


    – Megan Wynett, Senior Digital Experience Designer