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The gluten-free movement has swept the country and most people are aware that gluten-free options for great-tasting baked goods are hard to find. Eban’s Bakehouse, a local gluten-free baked goods provider needed to be found—because their products taste great!

  • Challenge


    Elevate a fantastic start-up gluten-free baking company to national recognition via new, fresh branding, packaging, and a website.

  • Strategy


    LMG let the creativity flow with eye-catching, gorgeous colors and an award-winning logo design. Clean, simple packaging allows the colors to pop from the retailers’ displays. A website that tells the Eban's Bakehouse story with beautiful photography and a no-nonsense shopping cart experience launched national exposure.

  • Results


    Eban’s started out like many startup bakeries, selling throughout the local region at farmer’s markets and specialty shops. Today they can no longer sustain the farmer’s market business because they are swiftly headed to baking at capacity seven days a week, two shifts per day to meet the demands of their growing list of distributors.

“It’s hard to imagine where we would be today were it not for LMG stepping up and taking our start-up bakery under their creative wing. They’ve exceeded our expectations on every aspect of our branding makeover, including our website and logo as well as their unparalleled personalized customer care.”

– Adrienne Novak and Eric Braddock, Owners, Eban's Bakehouse
  • karen

    “This was an exhilarating project to be a part of! Never has there been a stronger correlation between the fruits of our labor and an explosion of fresh brand awareness and success. What makes it most sweet (literally), is the product and the people behind it.”


    – Karen Gould, Associate Director, Digital Marketing

  • jenny

    “We embrace opportunities to incorporate handcrafted design into projects. When the Eban’s Bakehouse rebrand came along, I knew this would be a great opportunity to take advantage of handcrafted style and go back to paint and paper to make something unique.”


    – Jenny Williams, Senior Designer