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Gosiger’s presence in the business of CNC distribution extends well beyond the selling of the machines. Gosiger’s Serious Solutions has built an outstanding reputation for guiding their customers in the creation of full factory automation to small job shop specialized applications. Gosiger also provides all that goes along with creating those solutions: engineering, parts, service, maintenance, and financing.

  • Challenge


    Gosiger’s goal for the website was to create more engagement with prospects. To meet this goal, the existing site needed updated branding and improved experience. However, the large site, built on a unique CMS that did not allow for traditional staging, provided limited visibility to the performance and no real staging capabilities.

  • Strategy


    LMG sought stakeholder input and created a phased implementation to address all the needs: new design, refreshed content and images, and better navigation. LMG’s experience with HubSpot marketing automation software was vital to helping Gosiger promote a variety of free resources and drive user engagement.

  • Results


    A collaborative effort with Gosiger produced an award-winning website with consistent traffic, and streamlined navigation allowed visitors to experience an intuitive path for marketing programs including events such as Gosigerfest.

“Beyond our obvious satisfaction with the value they provide, we have discovered a partner that is an excellent collaborator, competent, and a quick study across all disciplines. I would highly recommend LMG—particularly to potential clients who are dealing in complex and technically-based products.”

– Mike Williams, Marketing Manager, Gosiger
  • karen

    “Who knew I would be in my element while absorbing the complexity and enormity of the CNC industry and its role in manufacturing? Want to know the difference between a horizontal machining center from company A or company B? Well, let me show you on this great site I know!”


    – Karen Gould, Business Systems Director