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The Synchrony/Lowe’s team challenged LMG to revamp their credit card promotion, through targeted messaging and consistent design, to help drive consumer awareness, usage, and engagement.

Through close collaboration, LMG combined out-of-the box ideas with Lowe’s iconic brand to create materials that are both aesthetic and impactful. The relationship has grown to LMG now supporting nearly 10 contacts with a variety of print and digital campaigns.

“Our LMG partners exceed expectations every time by listening to our ideas and crafting innovative impressions. They deliver overt solutions that follow brand guidelines, but reimagine consumer messaging. This agency has taken our marketing to the next level and allowed us to deliver innovative solutions to our client.”
— Catherine Zimmerman


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    “I truly believe our current success with Synchrony/Lowe's is that we have a very dedicated team providing the best experience possible, given the perimeters of each task from our client.”


    – Derick Meyers, Art Director

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    “I would describe our partnership as collaborative, dedicated, and valuable. We work diligently to reach our goals, and we feel a shared sense of accomplishment when we succeed together.”


    Kassidy Garrison, Associate Account Executive