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Scotts LawnService® has lawn care just about perfected. Drawing on nearly 150 years of Scotts® expertise, SLS provides expert lawn, tree, and shrub care, and pest control services for millions of homeowners nationwide.

Each year in the dark depths of winter, when lush, green lawns and gentle spring breezes seem worlds away, those same homeowners receive a hint of hope in their mailboxes, courtesy of the SLS marketing team. This scale of this direct mail campaign is matched only by its importance. For both SLS and millions of current and potential customers, everything depends on this—the critical point in the season when decisions can mean the difference between enjoying a great lawn all season long or missing out for another year.

  • Challenge


    In addition to cutting through the “junk mail” clutter and outshining the competition, the SLS campaign faced even stiffer competition: itself. Every year, SLS launches multiple new concepts alongside the best-performing piece from past seasons. The perennial challenge: to “fix what isn’t broken” and beat the reigning champ.

  • Strategy


    The project was a perfect fit for LMG’s approach, requiring a deep understanding of SLS (customers and competitors, markets and messaging, and detailed performance analytics), plus inspired creative and exceptional design. LMG explored more than a dozen different concepts, ultimately refining five that went to market in spring 2016.

  • Results


    Nimbly navigating nuances of messaging and visuals, legal and production constraints, tight timelines, and unexpected curve balls, the team created a lineup of diverse, distinctive mailers designed to make a splash.

“What a year this has been! Our partnership with LMG has been nothing short of wonderful. You are truly a great business partner with super talented people.”

– Sara Gordon, Marketing Director, Scotts LawnService®
  • “With millions of pieces mailed every year, this project was exciting for our team since it truly hits home with us.”


    – LMG, Design Director

  • “A sophisticated marketing team with its pulse on analytics, Scotts knows what’s been tried, what’s worked and what has not. It was a pleasure to support them with this important project.”


    – LMG, Client Services