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For more than eight years, LMG has supported Synchrony on a wide range of initiatives. Through supporting mature markets as well as helping penetration into emerging markets, our team has been provided a unique understanding of Synchrony's merchant/dealer customer, their motivations, and their relationship to their consumers.

  • Challenge


    Synchrony continually challenges LMG to engage new and existing dealer partners by breaking through the noise of their everyday business responsibilities to help them understand how offering consumers a convenient way to pay over time can help them achieve their business goals.

  • Solution


    Working with Synchrony, LMG develops marketing programs to attract new prospects, acquire merchants who can benefit from special financing, activate programs for these merchants, and engage them and their consumers for long term usage and loyalty.

  • Results


    The relationship continues to grow as LMG consistently helps deepen and expand the merchant and consumer relationships. We measure our success by their success. They continue to bring LMG exciting projects and initiatives that allow us to further understand their customers and their business so we can continue to add value.

Through LMG’s collaborative work with this diverse client, we believe we’ve contributed to their business results for each of the markets we have served. And over the years, we have moved with the client from primarily print communications to a wide range of digital channels.

  • “We strive to offer breakthrough strategy and high-impact, on-brand creative supported by unmatched customer service by a dedicated team of LMG associates and designers every day.”


    – LMG, Account Services

  • “Capturing merchant stories, helping to shape a new brand, taking content to a new level (and of course the great client relationships) are some of my favorite things about working with Synchrony.”


    – LMG, Digital Account Services