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Founded in 1915, Japan-based Yaskawa Electric Corporation is a global leader in robotics and automation.

With more than 300,000 robots sold worldwide and solutions for nearly every industry and application, Yaskawa continues to innovate, bringing game-changing technology to market year after year.

  • Challenge


    A strong leader with a bold vision, the director also recognized that he would be fighting headwinds in the form of longstanding tradition, cultural differences, and a status quo approach that many considered successful.

  • Strategy


    In close partnership with LMG, the director identified key projects and began rolling out new initiatives in a strategic way. Over time, the team created several new logos, brochures, presentations, web assets, and ad campaigns, as well as supporting major industry events and the company’s 100-year centennial celebration.

  • Results


    The thoughtful approach worked perfectly, enabling significant change without creating anxiety. Robust market and client research helped justify each initiative, and every success paved the way for the next big move. Today, the LMG-Yaskawa partnership is going strong—and the company’s boldest marketing still lies ahead.

Despite technical and market share dominance, Yaskawa recognized an unrealized opportunity in marketing to North American customers. The company’s new director of marketing for the Americas division brought a strong agency background, and he enlisted LMG to help take the company’s efforts to the next level.

  • phil

    “Yaskawa is an ideal client—they demand breakthrough creative, but every project has to be rooted in sound strategy and executed for maximum impact. Together, we’ve been able to make major gains, yet I know the best is yet to come.”


    – Phil Neal, Vice President, Client Services

  • derick-small-portrait-1-320x320

    “Having the opportunity to work with such a technologically advanced manufacturer has been eye-opening. The automation and robotic products Yaskawa creates are simply amazing. It’s my duty to bring the same level of wow to their marketing elements and it’s been fun doing so!”


    – Derick Meyers, Associate Art Director