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As a leader in intelligent information management, M-Files helps companies manage content, simplify collaboration, and automate business processes—all while keeping documents and information secure.

The Challenge

To strengthen their brand presence in the global marketplace, M-Files selected LMG to help refine their positioning and messaging and to revitalize their logo and tagline.

The Goals

Increase brand awareness and engagement in the global marketplace.

Highlight status as a thought leader in AI-empowered software.

Generate more leads to drive growth.



The Plan

LMG partnered with M-Files to plan and execute three core initiatives.

Assess Existing Brand

To assess M-Files’ existing brand messaging and their vision for the future, LMG performed an in-depth review of marketing assets and conducted stakeholder interviews.

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Refine Positioning Strategy

M-Files’ main goal was to expand their brand presence in the global marketplace. To help achieve this, LMG performed market research and a competitive analysis, then clarified an effective positioning strategy that differentiates M-Files as a thought leader in intelligent information management.

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Align Brand Messaging

After refining M-Files’ market positioning strategy, LMG reimagined the company’s logo, design system, messaging, and brand guidelines to align communication across marketing channels and reinforce the company’s unique identity.

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The Results

Repositioned for global growth, M-Files held a launch event and video presentation to reveal their new, bolder brand vision for leadership, employees, customers and prospects.





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  • "LMG appreciated the opportunity to influence the positioning of and infuse a bolder marketing style for a Finland-based, global leader in engineering-oriented software and technology."


    Doug Lunne, President & CEO at LMG